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Campus Planning focuses on the university's long-range planning and the capital development functions of the U's Facilities Management organization as a balanced counterpart to the project-related functions of Campus Design & Construction.  The Campus Planning team guides campus development in a way that gives physical form to the university's mission, vision, and programs through the effective use of human, environmental, and financial resources.

Meet the Team


Andrew King

Director, Campus Planning

John Close

Senior Planner

Ali Lewis

Campus Landscape Architect

Charles Shepherd

Cultural Resources Manager

Planning Standards

Cultural Resources

What are "Cultural Resources?"

Cultural resources include buildings, sites, districts, structures, or objects having archaeological, architectural, cultural, historical, or scientific importance, which are eligible for or listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Campus Planning provides cultural resource coordination for the University of Utah with various State and Federal agencies as well as local preservation advocacy organizations. Campus Planning is responsible for watching over, identifying, preserving, and protecting cultural resources that exist on campus in a manner consistent with the attainment of the University's missions and goals.

Cultural Resource Management Standards

Make a Potential Cultural Resource Discovery on Campus?

If you have any reason to believe you've come across a cultural resource discovery on campus, please contact Charles Shepherd with Campus Planning at 801-581-6874.

State Office Links

Historic Building Information

A joint effort between the University of Utah and the Utah State Historical Society was a campus-wide survey conducted by historic preservation students in 1997. The survey and research focused on buildings that have a construction date of 1947 or earlier, the traditional 50-year cutoff period used by the National Register. A portion of the information was incorporated into a website as a Department of Communication class project.

Fort Douglas: A Brief History and Walking Tour

The University of Utah and the State Historic Preservation Office have partnered to create a complimentary booklet that covers the Historic Fort Douglas area. This booklet is available to view and download at the button below.

Historical Photo Gallery

Plans, Documents and Studies


The Purpose of Facilities Management Review Committee

FMRC serves the campus community by reviewing all proposed modifications to the campus environment. Examples include external displays, large signage or banners, or student projects funded through grants or department initiatives. The committee addresses questions of project implementation while considering the impact in terms of safety, design, accessibility, and overall fit in to the campus master plan.

Who Serves on FMRC?

FMRC is made up of representatives from Facilities Management, PDC, Space Planning, Environmental Health & Safety, and Hospital Facilities and Engineering.