Capital Facilities and Remodeling (CF&R)

As you may know, the University provides a small amount of annual funding for capital facilities and remodeling (CF&R), to help colleges and departments address urgent renovation and accessibility improvement needs. The maximum grant amount is $150k, and departments are required to match any grant funding they receive.  Requests are typically received in January, and departments are notified in May as to whether funds will be available for their projects on July 1. 

While this effort has provided funding for many important projects, the CF&R initiative has become challenging to administer and less impactful than we had hoped, for many reasons.  As a result, we believe it’s time to pause and reevaluate the process and goals, in order to assure that the funding is reaching the projects with the greatest need.   

The CF&R Initiative, therefore, will be paused for the FY21 fiscal year, and no funding will be made available.  We will be back with a new program for the FY22 year.  We thank you for your patience, and welcome your feedback, which can be directed to Rochelle Randazzo, Director for Project Finance & Accounting (

How CF&R Funds are Used

The Capital Facilities & Remodeling funds are allocated annually for general departmental, research, accessibility, remodels, etc. Funding is used to assist colleges and departments to meet physical environmental changes in their programmatic needs.

See the CF&R Request Form and instructions for procedures to ensure your remodeling request is processed and received by the Capital Facilities & Remodeling Committee. The schedule for the CF&R process is available here.

General Guidelines:
Requests are submitted in one of two categories: General Remodeling and Research and may accommodate new or modified programmatic use. General Remodeling projects are funded up to $150,000 and Research projects are funded up to $250,000. Requests do not carry over from one year to the next and must be resubmitted each year for which funding is sought. Research projects should not be submitted for FY2020-21 as this category is not currently funded.

Beginning with FY2014-15 requests, departments are required to commit matching funds in order for their requests to be considered. Recognizing the broad variability in the ability of various departments to provide matching funds, a minimum match threshold has not been established. The CF&R Committee will consider the amount of match offered in light of the capacity of departments to provide matching funds. Matching funds may be committed at the department, college, and/or VP level.

This process takes several months to be completed. Projects must be submitted through the cognizant Vice President to the CF&R Committee per the schedule. Funding allocations approved in May will be available July 1, 2020. After the Committee has approved funding allocations, you will be notified regarding whether your request has been funded. Matching funds must be transferred to Planning, Design & Construction before the project may proceed.

Projects selected are based on, but not limited to

  • Mission critical to the institution/college/department
  • Importance placed by the cognizant Vice President
  • Need
  • Urgency
  • Cost Benefit
  • Department financial contribution
  • Funding, if all other sources at the University have been exhausted
  • Number of years on the CF&R list

CF&R money does not fund the following

  • Construction of new space
  • Furniture and/or equipment (except that cubicle walls and work surfaces may be funded if other remodeling is being done and the modular furniture replaces the need for constructed walls.)
  • Routine maintenance/cosmetic changes (paint, carpet, etc.)
  • Security card access and/or alarm systems
  • Self-supporting entities and auxiliaries
  • Utility infrastructure

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