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Documents and Standards


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Documents and Standards

Banner Guidelines and Standards
The University endorses the use of on-campus banners and non-permanent signage that adhere to the following guidelines. These standards are established to protect University buildings and property from possible damage.
Contract Documents
Contract Documents
Design Standards
The purpose of this design standard is to acquaint the Consultant with functions and standards of the University of Utah. A basic knowledge in these areas is essential before consultants can successfully carry out contract responsibilities.
Drawing Information and Templates
Facilities Management has specific criterion that must be met for all AutoCAD and REVIT files submitted by outside consultants and contractors.
Facilities Management Forms
General Conditions
The General Conditions document of Construction Project Delivery
Procurement Procedures
The University follows State procurement requirements in procuring architectural and engineering services and construction. These procedures are patterned after those used by the State Division of Facilities Construction and Management with some modifications to meet University needs and requirements.
Supplemental General Conditions
Supplemental General Conditions

Measurement and Verification

Exterior Donor Recognition Signage Standards