Public Safety Building

A new 25,000+ SF Public Safety Building located at 500 South, east of Guardsman Way, will serve the University’s mission to improve campus safety. This one-story building will house several divisions of the Department of Public Safety, including campus police, security, community services and emergency staff.

The new Public Safety Building will replace the University’s current location for the Department of Public Safety, which features two buildings initially designed as military barracks.


The new Public Safety Building will be accompanied by a 2,200 SF ancillary/storage building and a secured parking area for public safety staff. It will feature a community room to be used for community engagement and a state-of-the-art communications center. An emergency operations center will be built to certifiable specifications and interview rooms and property and evidence rooms will be included to maintain the integrity of those processes. As a designated “essential facility” for the University of Utah, the Public Safety Building will be designed to seismic standards that will ensure functionality during a natural or man-made disaster. In alignment with the University’s campus-wide sustainability goals, the Public Safety Building has been designed to be all-electric.

The total project cost is expected to be $13.5 million, which will be funded by the University. No state funds will be used for construction or design.


Construction began in February 2021. The Public Safety Building is expected to be completed by the end of the year.


A minor campus shuttle re-route through the Guardsman parking lot is expected during construction. Campus shuttles will still service the lot per posted schedules.

Questions or Concerns?

Stacia Worndle with Planning, Design & Construction is available as a point of contact by phone (801-213-8578) or email (

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out!

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