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Temporary Use Permit

In accordance with the 2018 International Building Code (Code) Section 108, this Temporary Use Permit (TUP) is issued for the time period, event, and Conditions listed herein. The Permit Holder shall conform to the structural strength, fire safety, exit access, accessibility (ADA), light, electrical power, ventilation and sanitary requirements of the Code as necessary to ensure public health, safety and general welfare. The Permit Holder is responsible to schedule the required inspections prior to the event. All Code deficiencies identified during the inspection shall be corrected before usage of area is allowed. This Permit shall be posted at the event site for the time period. All Conditions listed below shall be strictly observed by Permit Holder. The building official is authorized to terminate the TUP and to order the temporary use to be discontinued. Signatories acknowledge and agree to the responsibility for compliance with the terms and Conditions of this TUP.