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We serve in the Planning, Design and Construction of great physical campus spaces for education, healthcare, and the community. We ensure the long-term viability of the University through long-range planning, renovation and new construction, stewardship of natural resources, and community outreach.

The PDC staff displays their commitment to the success of this mission by providing excellent customer service to all, engaging in open and transparent communication, ensuring our team members and the community receive necessary education, and fostering team satisfaction. 


PDC Leadership

Robin Burr

Chief Facilities Officer

Ken Nye

Deputy Chief Facilities Officer

Gary Giglio

Director and Building Official, Design and Construction Support

Bob Simonton

Director, Design and Construction

Liz Blackner

Director, Design and Construction

Rochelle Randazzo

Director, Finance/Accounting

Andrew King

Associate Director, Campus Planning

Nils Eddy

Program Manager

Blaine Osborne

Administrative Manager