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The U is home to a multitude of historical non-curated art and exhibits. Learn more about the modern art, historical artifacts, and educational exhibits that can be found throughout our campus. Please note: these collections are new/in-progress and additions will be added as they come in the future.


Originally commissioned in 1909 and completed in 1911, the battleship USS UTAH (BB-31) was the first ship in the U.S. Navy to be named after the state of Utah. She was part of U.S. action in the Mexican Revolution and also played vital roles during WWI. After WWII, the USS Utah was converted into a target ship. In 1941, the day of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, two torpedoes struck the ship and the USS Utah was submerged by 8:12am. Today, after months of restoration and preservation work, the bell stands proudly in the University of Utah's Naval Science building as a unique piece of both US and Utah history.

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Life of tree

"Life of Tree" is a kinetic sculpture designed and created by Bill Washabaugh and the group of artists in the Hyperson and Plebian Design Team at Hypersonic. With 190 moving pieces powered by the sun, this hypnotic sculpture that greets guests as they enter the Crocker Science Center is nothing short of fine detail inspired by our connection to the natural world.

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