Capital Facilities & Remodeling

Please follow the procedures below to ensure your remodeling request is processed and received by the Capital Facilities & Remodeling Committee. All requests should be submitted by the cognizant Vice President once all approvals are complete. Please, do not click the “VP Only – Submit &  Print” button until all approvals have been completed.

Note: All submissions must be in the original electronic format. If you need assistance please contact Michelle Keddington at 801-581-4707 or

  1. Open and save the current CF&R form to your desktop. (the form Requires Acrobat Reader 9 or later).
  2. Fill out the saved version of the form located on your desktop using Adobe Acrobat.
  3. You must complete all required fields prior to submitting your request.
  4. Remember to save your work if additional data needs to be gathered.
  5. After completely filling out your request, review it for completeness and accuracy.
  6. Save and then forward the electronic copy of your request to your department chair, dean, or director for approval by clicking the green “Forward for Review and Prioritization” button at the bottom of page 1. If function not available on your computer, simply attach saved document to an email and forward.
  7. Add the appropriate e-mail address(es) to the “To:” field and send the document via e-mail. They may write additional comments if they wish. It is the responsibility of the Dean/Director to collect and prioritize all requests in his/her area and then electronically forward the documents to the cognizant Vice President.
  8. The cognizant Vice President must approve and designate the project as either “Remodel” or “Research” and prioritize it within its respective category. After review and final approval, click the “VP Only -Submit & Print” button to electronically submit and print a copy of the form.
  9. Scan or photocopy only pertinent backup or supportive information that cannot be included on the form. If copied, please double-side your copies to reduce the amount of paper and highlight information to be noted. Supporting documents should be transmitted under separate cover. PLEASE DO NOT SEND EXCESSIVE INFORMATION.
  10. The cognizant Vice President should electronically submit (via e-mail) all completed and approved CF&R requests and supporting documents by January 25, 2020 to: Michelle Keddington (
    Planning, Design & Construction 201 VRTUSB

Please review the schedule for submission due dates.

 Download current request form before initiating your request.

If you have questions completing the form or understanding the above procedures,
please contact Michelle in Planning, Design & Construction at 801-581-4707.

Previously Approved Projects