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Drawing Requirements

The design phase of each project is the most critical element in the delivery of the built environment. The end result of the design phase are construction documents which completely describe and define all attributes of the structure or building to be constructed. This design section describes those elements critical to successfully completing the construction documents. The design professional in in responsible charge shall submit the construction documents for approval in the design phase to the Building Official to review for code compliance. Once the construction documents are stamped as reviewed for code compliance, the permit may then be submitted by the contractor to begin construction.

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Building Codes

All projects will need to comply with the International Code Council family of codes and State of Utah amendments as adopted by the state in Title 15-A of the Utah Code.

Design professionals are encouraged to contact the building official having jurisdiction early in the design process. Final construction documents will need to be reviewed and approved for code compliance prior to construction. Construction change orders will generally need to be reviewed for code compliance prior to construction implementation.

The University has its own Building Official, Gary Giglio, who is the authority having jurisdiction for projects administered directly by the University. Gary can be reached by phone: (801) 587-8966 or email: Chris Blair, Bureau Veritas North America, is the University's resident ICC Certified Commercial Inspector and Moe Heivand, Bureau Veritas North America, is the ICC Certified Building Plans Examiner, both of whom work under the supervision of the Building Official. Chris may be reached by phone: (858) 987-2346 or email: Moe Heivand may be reach by phone (858) 353-8058 or email:

The Building Official for the State Division of Facilities Construction and Management (DFCM) is the authority having jurisdiction for projects administered by DFCM--unless DFCM delegates that authority to the University's Building Official. See

Code Analysis Form - 2018 International Building Code

ADA Checklist for Existing Buildings

Compliance with IBC 3411.7, Alterations Affecting an Area Containing a Primary Function, may require an assessment of the accessible route. The following Checklist published by the Department of Justice may be used to identify items needing to be included in the scope of work for the project under consideration. (ADA Checklist)