Campus Digital Signage

Two vehicular signs will be installed on campus to assist in wayfinding, announcements, and emergency communications.

What’s Happening?

This project involves the installation of 8 pedestrian signs and 2 vehicular signs. The pedestrian signs will serve the purpose of announcements, wayfinding and emergency communications. This will help all pedestrians and visitors to navigate their way around campus.

When is This Taking Place?

This project is currently underway and in the infrastructure stage. All signs will be installed by the end of July 2021.

What Impacts Will Happen?

Expected impacts are minimal during the infrastructure phase of this project. This phase involves pouring the bases that the signs will sit on and making connections to provide power and internet to the signs. Impacts will include:

  • Vehicles on sidewalks at signage sites
  • Trenching/Boring in landscaping
  • Construction crews working at all locations

A rendering of the pedestrian signs.

Where Will These Signs Go?

Signs will be placed at the following locations on campus, marked in red:

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