Healthcare, Educators, Leaders & Innovators Complex (HELIX)

A conceptual rendering of the Healthcare, Educators, Leaders & Innovators Complex (HELIX).

The new 259,000 square foot Healthcare, Educators, Leaders & Innovators Complex will provide important collaboration and office space for University of Utah Health faculty and staff. HELIX will serve as the new home for many School of Medicine departments and occupants as it replaces the aging School of Medicine (Building 521).

HELIX will be located in the open space next to the Primary Children’s Eccles Outpatient Services facility. The 5 1/2-level facility will connect to the main hospital complex and the rest of campus via a sky bridge near the Moran Eye Center. HELIX will provide updated office and collaboration space for employees from numerous departments, including:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Dermatology
  • Family and Preventative Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiology
  • Surgery

HELIX has been carefully designed to maximize flexibility and efficiency. A variety of work spaces will allow employees to thrive. Access to daylight has been designed into the build of HELIX to allow occupants natural light and views of campus and the Salt Lake Valley.

An alternate angle view of the conceptual rendering of HELIX. The pedestrian sky bridge can be seen in the background.

Collaboration spaces and adaptable workspaces in HELIX will further the mission of U Health.


Construction site preparation work has begun and is expected to continue in anticipation of HELIX building construction beginning in April 2021. Construction is anticipated to be completed in spring of 2023.


Construction fencing is in place surrounding the future site of HELIX as of February 2021. The parking lot adjacent to the site (Lot 27), directly south of the Ambulatory Care Center, will be partially fenced off throughout the duration of construction. The majority of this parking lot will still be open and available for use. Pedestrians traveling in and through this area will need to plan around disruptions to normal foot traffic routes — especially along the interdisciplinary walkway north of Lot 27.

Questions or Concerns?

Wes Mangum with Planning, Design and Construction is available as a point of contact by phone (435-994-2093) or email (

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out!

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