Mario Capecci Intersection and Health Sciences Garage, North Medical Drive Roadway and Bridge

A large project is underway to improve North Medical Drive and nearby parking options. This will improve travel and parking for patients and employees. This project includes constructing a parking structure, a pedestrian bridge across North Medical Drive to the Hospital, and roadwork on North Medical Drive.

Parking Garage

  • A new parking garage with over 1,000 new stalls will be built adjacent to the new Kathryn F. Kirk Center for Comprehensive Cancer Care and Women’s Cancers.
  • This new garage will feature a lowered roadway entrance.


  • Additional turning lanes will be added at the intersection of North Medical Drive and Mario Capecchi to ease traffic congestion and improve travel.
  • Traffic circles have been added at the University of Utah Hospital entrance and the new parking garage entrance.

Pedestrian Tunnel

  • A pedestrian tunnel connecting the new parking garage and University Hospital is being built so that pedestrians can avoid the traffic on North Medical Drive.

Construction Updates

  • The parking garage and roadway realignment work is estimated to be finished by early Fall 2024.
  • For the most recent construction updates, visit

Questions or Concerns?

Stacia Worndle with Project Design & Construction can be reached by phone (801-213-8578) or email (

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out!

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