West Village Housing Replacement

The site plan for West Village Housing.

What’s Happening?

The West Village Housing Replacement Project will demolish the West Village 400 and 5000 Court Buildings near Foothill Drive and Sunnyside Avenue. Following demolition, new, higher-density housing will be built for graduate students and students with families. This will continue the University’s long-standing tradition of providing these students with an affordable, safe community to reside while at the University of Utah. A phased demolition of the remaining University Student Apartments will take place over the next decade.

A design for the new housing has yet to be finalized; however, the expectation is that a number of 500 apartments will be constructed on the site where the 400 and 500 courts once stood.

When Is This Taking Place?

Demolition on the West Village 400 and 500 Court Buildings was completed in June 2021.

Construction on the new buildings at this site will begin in Fall 2021 and is scheduled to be complete in Fall 2023.

Why Is This Housing Replacement Happening?

The buildings currently used to house graduate and family students are more than 50 years-old, do not meet seismic requirements and have regular utility infrastructure failures. There continues to be a high demand for housing that provides close proximity to campus amenities, classrooms, and labs. The West Village Housing Replacement will allow the University of Utah to continue to provide this resource that has contributed to so many students’ success.

Questions or Concerns?

Wes Mangum with Planning, Design and Construction is available as a point of contact by phone (435-994-2093) or email (wes.mangum@utah.edu).

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out!



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